Post Op Day 2: BOOBIES! **warning: pics may be graphic**

New pains came with the second day. The most significant is my right breast. It feels heavier and the nipple hurts. I’m able to get up on my own. I thought I’d be taking a hiatus from exercise but nope: HELLO AB WORKOUT every time I move. It really is amazing how much you use your arms on a regular basis. And what I’ve learned: I need more core workouts.

My sister spent the night and a great nurse/friend came by later to check on me. I’m pretty self-sufficient with the exception of a few things. I can’t open my pill bottles. They are apparently children and boob job patient proof. Lisa is getting me some regular lids today. I, also, struggle with opening the freezer door as I have a french door fridge and that fucker is heavy. Other than that I’m pretty good. I don’t have much of an appetite but Lisa is making me eat.

I’ve tried to back off my small dose of pain pills and I think I could handle just tylenol ES if this right boob pain would let up.

It’s been 48 hours, so that means I get to unwrap, see my new boobies and shower. I was nervous about it all day. I can’t even explain to you why. Since surgery everyone has joked that they are so small and don’t look like a C cup. So I had that pressure. I knew they wouldn’t be pretty, I was prepared for that.

Post Op Day 2: very sore. Very tight. Very swollen.

Lisa comes over to help me. She starts by undressing my boobs. Off with the bra and all the padding. I’m VERY aware of them and they feel extremely heavy. Then she undressed my arms. Easy until she go to the bottom and there was xeroform. I was not prepared for that. None of the staff told me it would be on there. I was expecting clear tape. I had a panic moment because I remember from my trauma days how nurses would use that shit on road rash and when it dries, it pretty much glues itself to you. Which is exactly what happened to my arms. We had agreed on a sponge bath until I could talk to the doctor. So there I sat, butt-ass naked on my toilet when he teenage daughter walked in. Omg poor kid. She quickly ran away. I now reached another level to repelling children. But all kidding aside, I am so thankful for Lisa. She was so calm and gentle. She’s a truly amazing person

I feel so fortunate for my medical friends. I called one of them who is an expert in wound care and this procedure and she walked me through it. She put my mind at ease.

So I calmed down and we tried again but this time, I go in the shower. OMG…that water though. It was like the best shower of my life. It felt so good. Lisa and I both worked at getting the remaining foam and xeroform off. At the end of the shower, although calm, I had a near syncopal episode. Noises were muffled and I thought I might pass out. Lisa helped me out of the shower and to lay on the bed. After a couple minutes it passed.

Now, finally with that out of the way. I got to see me boobies and arms!!! Wow. They are ugly but beautiful at the same time. They are very swollen and tight. My nipples look weird and my left one does not have sensation yet. They dont look exactly symmetrical so I’ll be calling the doctor to see what he says but from what I’ve researched this is normal and they should even out.

But you know what I was most excited about? MY ARMS. Lisa says, “baby, your arms are the same size/shape as mine”. I could have cried!! They are so small. Aside from the swelling and incision, they look normal. I can’t remember a time in my life when I had normal arms. Its so exciting!!!

The back fat upper bra area (what I call it) is something that most women struggle with even if just a smidgen over weight. I felt like mine was just skin, so I had asked about it in pre op. He started by telling me that he couldn’t really fix it…but then he looked and says ‘you’re , literally, one of the only people I’ve seen where this is skin no fat.’ So during my surgery he fixed that as well. I have a nasty incision in the area on both sides. The bruising and tenderness is significant. I’ll get pictures next time.

Post Op Day 2: everything is tight. I still had the bandage on but you can already see the HUGE change in my ‘back fat/skin’

Overall, I’m so very pleased and excited!!! I’m so very thankful for my wonderful girlfriend, family and friend. I couldn’t have done this without each of you.

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